Jean McClelland's Prosperity Process

Move your Mind. Live a Life you Love.

The P2

Jean McClelland’s Prosperity Process (aka The P2)

The best thing about The P2 is that it works.  The P2 provides the P2 Adventurer with the tools, words, and thought processes that will help you create an energy within yourself that attracts the prosperity you have been seeking.  You will get out of the Prosperity Process what you put into it – just like the rest of life!

What is a “Prosperity Process” anyway?

There are many, many processes to help you become prosperous.  They range from religious belief processes to hard-core “get-rich” schemes hawked all over the media.  They all work for at least some people.  This particular Prosperity Process was designed by Jean McClelland and draws upon the works of many, many other wise and wonderful people that helped her achieve her Personal Prosperity Definition.

Why should you participate in a Prosperity Process?

Only you can answer that one.  Do you like how your life is going? Are you happy with your health?  your wealth?  your relationships, and your business (your work)?  If you are, fabulous!  Write in about how well you are doing and how you achieved your Personal Prosperity Definition.

Oh… wait a minute, you don’t have a Personal Prosperity Definition? You don’t know what would really make you feel great?  Try the e-book – Creating your Personal Prosperity Definition.

Here We Go!

Jean McClelland has written two different Prosperity Processes. Ok… they are pretty much the same but different lengths of time. There is a traditional 40 day process and 28 Days to Change.