About Jean McClelland’s Prosperity Process


This site is under construction.  Jean McClelland’s Prosperity Process has been running since 2000 but the website was lost when the hosting was changed.  It will take a while to rebuild all the information.

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Jean McClelland’s Prosperity Process is a proven process that will help you with create your own prosperity process. It is a structured process delivered primarily through e-mail combined with conference calls or web-meetings.

Your prosperity begins with your personal definition of what prosperity means to you. Soon, there will be a free download for one way to create that personal prosperity definition.

The process is run for either 28 days or 40 days. Many studies have stated that it takes at least 28 days to change a habit, hence the 28 day process. 40 Day processes are throughout history in humanity – including many the sacred writings of various religions.

In the 40 Day Prosperity Process, the participants go through 10 life lessons in four different energies. The 28 Day Prosperity Process use 7 life lessons in the same four energies.  Each Prosperity Process helps you align your thoughts and actions with your prosperity definition.

The Process works!