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“Execution IS the Strategy”

I’m sitting in my beautiful home office listening to a New Thought message that is again telling me that I am responsible for the life I live.  I truly believe this.  I believe that I am capable of directing the ceaseless flow of Universal energy.  The message continues – telling me to just look at my life to see how I am managing my thoughts (because thoughts become things).

When I look around me, I’m doing pretty well.  I now have a wonderful home office. It’s filled with pictures of my gurus – most of them with me in the picture, too. I have not only a physical library of beautifully bound books on many subjects, neatly arranged in dark wood shelving; but I also have boxes upon boxes of informational cassettes tapes, and a couple of terabytes of information on external hard drives. The sun is shining outside my office windows to the point that it is a bit of a challenge to see my large monitor connected to my new, cool laptop.

Could anything be “wrong”? Yes! First off, I’m completely alone in my big house.  What happened to that “forever” man with whom I was involved?  I’m wonderfully successful in the physical world – what I’ve been concentrating on for many years.  I have a lot of heart, too.  I share all generously with friends and family, but having a loving primary relationship still alludes me.  My natural reaction to this is to begin analyzing why this is my current circumstance.

I am an analyst supreme. I love data. I’m very happy when I’m trolling through the details to discover trends that may predict the future. My wonderful gift of analytical ability often leads me to suffer from “need to know trap”. The “need to know trap” is when you feel you have to analyze enough of your past and your current circumstances to have total confidence that your predictions for your future will come true. Your analysis came from your thinking that you “need to know” your future.

Then something you did not foresee happens – like my forever man and I ending our relationship. Did you fail? YES! You failed to remember that the Universe may have an even brighter future in store for you. It may look very black for a while, but letting go of your analysis (aka your previous plan) and your “need to know” what your future holds, will allow you to look around for what good could possibly come from this surprise. Letting go will help you discover that bright future the Universe has planned for you vs. the logical outcome you came to through analysis.

This post began when I read an excerpt from Laura Stack’s new book “Execution IS the Strategy”. Click this link for a copy from Amazon. Execution IS the Strategy: How Leaders Achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time

The book excerpt was in a Dallas Business Journal article posted on 3/25/2014. The article begins:

“No doubt you’ve dedicated yourself to constantly refining your time management skills, blocking distractions, trimming task lists, and otherwise doing what it takes to maximize your work team’s productivity.

Among other things, this requires you to cautiously consider each decision before you make it. But tread carefully here. If taken too far, trying to review or prepare for every possible contingency can result in the paralysis of analysis, what I think of as ‘vapor lock of the brain.’

Rather than waste your time with indecision, as long as you have enough information and other resources necessary to take action, then ‘just do it.’ Nike’s famous ad slogan hits this one right on the head. Motion in any direction shatters the ice of indecision.”

She then proceeds to list these 7 Tips for avoiding “Analysis Paralysis”: (The article includes a bit of explanation for each Tip.)

1. Reject perfectionism

2. Accept the possibility of failure

3. The simplest solution is probably the best

4. Follow your core values

5. Focus on getting started

6. Establish milestones and a drop-dead deadline

7. Listen to both your head and your heart


It sounds like she’s talking about the upcoming 28 Days to Change course!  We will be discussing each of these topics in the course!  WOW!  Is that cool or what!  Of course, we will be concentrating on creating our personal definition of prosperity.

How do you think these principles can be applied to your living a life you love?

TV Influence vs. Joy

Warning:  This post is what I call a “mind-dump”.  It is the first writing on the subject where I dump all the thoughts in my being onto a page. Once I let it sit for a few days, I’ll be able to organize it and express my thoughts and feelings in a more linear way that may add understanding for more people.  You are invited to come on the exploration of this path with me by commenting.  I request civility in all comments.  That does NOT mean agree with me but it does mean to comment in a positive manner.  A basic premise of the Prosperity Process to think and analyze in the four energies – I Can, I Will, I Know, I AM – vs. I cannot (or she’s wrong), I will not (why would I ever agree with that), I haven’t got a clue, and “not my job”.

Let’s go!


The news tells us that the world is in turmoil. Most of the TV shows offer us violence of some sort or people treating people badly as a comedy. Think about it… Even my favorite sit-com, Big Bang Theory, is supposedly funny because the genius, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, treats his friends and colleagues as idiots not worthy of his time (until he starts losing them).

His ridiculous behavior actually makes us uncomfortable and laughter is the release of the discomfort.  Think about it.  Would you really treat your friends like Dr. Sheldon Cooper? No! Would you be as self-absorbed in your own reality as Sheldon? Probably, hopefully, not. Then again… We all used to be shocked by shock jocks like Howard Stern.  We all used to gasp when politicians openly criticized in harsh and graphic terms – wondering if their mothers ever taught them to be nice.  The gasp would (again) be followed by a chuckle or giggle that someone would darn to use offensive language or “call that person out like that”.

We are no longer shocked.  We rarely gasp.  And, we are always looking for giggles, chuckles, and a good ol’ hardy laugh to relieve the continual tension created by our (seemingly) external circumstances.

I invite you to delve into your thoughts and beliefs to question how have we become so accepting of this type of treatment that we think it is just plain funny versus being shocked first and giggly second.

Truly, are we numb to treating each other poorly? Have we watched so many murders, rapes, robberies and other criminal activity that we hardly pay attention to the real-life consequences of these actions? Have we watched it all and internalized the concepts to the point that we no longer consciously observe it as unacceptable and, instead, write it off as fiction / acceptable entertainment?

Is it an excuse to think, “Well, this is just the way it is now.”? I personally contend that this is an excuse. So many of us just aren’t paying attention to what we are feeding our sub-conscious mind. Many of us are “too busy” to deliberately manage our thoughts about circumstances and write off that which we are told is “generally accepted”.

Science has already proven that productive multi-tasking is a myth.

Science has already proven that there are energy fields that surround our physical bodies.

Science has already proven that humans are genetically wired to entrain with the energy fields around them.  (Reference an excellent visual example in the old movie “Dead Poets Society” when the class is marching in a circle.)

Science has also proven telepathy, remote viewing, and, most importantly, that our visualizations  are as real to our hearts and minds as the physical reality around us.


Now, let’s go back to viewing the violence on TV – an energy we are choosing to have enter our visual memory. It is no wonder that we are entraining our youth to violence. Us, too.  Then, once entrained, we are also emitting that belief through our energy field to others with whom we come in contact.

Our multi-tasking society claims it can bottle what we see on TV into a different category from our physical reality.  Really? We laud those that have learned CPR by watching a medical show but do we ever question what was learned by Law and Order: SVU? (Great writing and acting, but the subject… I had to stop watching it. It was too depressing.)

SO! How does this even remotely relate to Prosperity?

What you watch on TV, what you read, what you talk about creates your reality.  Do you really want to review the multi-car crash on Fast and Furious or do you want to learn more about how to achieve a life you love?  Do you want to be shocked and relieve the shock through laughter or do you want to just find something to enjoy and revel in the feeling of joy?

Feeling joyous opens and expands pathways to inspiration. Inspired Action (decisions to do something received from inspired thought) often creates short cuts to the life you love to live.

Tension, albeit relieved through laughter, tightens our thoughts and most often constricts our movement to defensive actions. There was just a news story (in Dallas) a few nights ago about a study that we are closest to heart attacks and other life-threatening experiences when we are angry.

What will it be?  Joy or Anger? I choose Joy. How about you?


The Four Energies of Change

Our lives are filled with habits – patterns of behavior we have created over time. Many times we create a habit and it serves us well and other times, well… our habits don’t always serve us well.

How do we break those habits, those patterns of behavior that either no longer serve us well or never have!

There are many systems out here in the Internet world.  I have one, too!  The 28 Days to Change e-course is designed to help you create a new mindset of success.  Yes, here I go again.  It all starts with your thoughts.

Thoughts are energy streams that, when thought over and over and over again, create a belief.  Your actions are based on your beliefs.  You believe that bee happily sucking on the flower’s pollen is going to sting you.  You run.  The bee does not necessarily notice that you were even around but your belief created your action of running.

Another example:  Cake was always what your parents provided when you celebrated your birthday or some other accomplishment.  When a cake was baked, you knew something good was coming.  And, ooooohhhh! it tastes so good!  As an adult, you may have mistakenly translated those experiences into a belief that eating cake will make you feel loved. You eat more and more and more because, after all, you are an adult now and you have the right to choose!

Suddenly you wonder where all that extra weight came from!  What happened?  Your thoughts about eating cake need to be re-examined!  It wasn’t the CAKE that made you feel loved, it was the event!  It’s time to break the cake eating habit.

How can you do that easily?  These thought patterns are deep, stemming from childhood.  Do you need to go back and erase them?  Not only is it impossible to erase a thought because energy continues once generated (that will be another post), but why try to erase thoughts that are pleasing?

I suggest you REPLACE the thought pattern with something more supportive. Following are the four energies of Rapid Change. To change your thought pattern, begin with the first energy, “I CAN”, and use it begin the change.

The I CAN energy  opens new possibilities.

The I WILL energy is  a form of commitment to change.  It still  puts the change in the future but the change is closer to your reality.

The I KNOW energy  begins the internalization of your desired change.  You are acknowledging your power;  beginning to allow yourself to live the life you choose.

The I AM energy  claims the change in your consciousness, your mindset.  Anchor your new prosperity mindset by  claiming it through the power of “I AM”.

How to Use the Four Energies

Start with the first energy – the “I CAN” energy.  Use the words “I CAN” often. Be sure to say them out loud so that your body feels the vibration of the words. Pay attention to how you feel when you say, “I CAN”. Consciously choose to believe yourself! Create statements that have truth in them and are  positive.

For instance:

  • I CAN choose to be happy without eating so much cake. I CAN choose to be with friends an eat something different and be just as happy.
  • I CAN figure out how I am going to become my healthiest self.
  • I CAN feel a little bit better today by concentrating on my breathing.

Once you feel comfortable with this energy, move to the next energy and begin using the words and feeling the power you are providing yourself.

Move through all four energies to change whatever habit is no longer serving you.

The Four Energies of Rapid Change are used in both the 28 Days to Change and the 40 Days to Change methods.

You can find out more about these methods at:

How can you know when you have succeeded if you don’t begin with a goal?

In “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Steven Covey used the term “Start with the End in Mind”. This phrase may have a lot more meaning than originally intended. Using the concept behind the phrase could lead the reader to an entirely new level of thinking… and that’s what the Prosperity Process is all about – creating an entirely new level of thinking.

A goal is just a definition of what you want. There are many, many studies that provide us with the results of setting goals. Generally they tell us that those people who have set goals are more likely to be considered successful than those who have not.

Does this means that it is necessary to set a goal, take actions toward that goal only and no other? Heavens, no!

Again, a goal is a definition of what you want and what you want is based on your life experience to date. For instance, if you have a nasty cold, you are most likely immediately setting a goal to get well. You may feed on chicken soup for a couple of days. You may go to the store and buy some OTC medicines, vitamins and boxes of tissue. Some people would go to a doctor. There are many paths to meeting the goal, but the goal remains the same – to feel better as quickly as possible. The goal was set based on the life experience of feeling lousy and knowing that you feel that way because you have a common cold.  You know this because you have had a cold before and this is the way you felt.

You will complete the actions you choose to take and, in a few days, you will feel better and that goal will have been met. The reason I’m using this example is because there are not only many paths to achieve the goal but by setting the goal to “feel better” or “be well” or “be healthy”, you might also find new goals that are even more compelling and more rich with wonderful experiences than the original goal.

Maybe you went to a new doctor because you have been having cold after cold after cold. Maybe the new doctor found something in your immune system that no one else had thought about before and not only was the existing cold cured but your body was healed to a point that you just didn’t get colds any more. “No more colds” may not have been your original goal, but isn’t it fun to achieve more than originally planned?

This is what I call fantastic manifestation!  It may be an unintended consequence of one of your actions, but wouldn’t it be wonderful?  This is how the Universe works with you.

We live in this fantastic world of abundance.  All we have to do to take advantage of our natural abundance is to relax into it.

I’ve opened the Center for Kinetic Change to help people relax into their success.  The Center will be both brick and mortor and virtual.  On the virtual side, I’ll be providing e-courses such as the Prosperity Process.  Find out more at

Note:  I’ll be running a 28 Days to Change Method beginning on June 23rd. Sign up for it here.

If you need help defining what Prosperity means to you, Jean has prepared an ebook to help you.  You can find out more here.

Freedom! …or is it really?

Allowing your job to consume you makes you slave labor – even if it is what you feel you want to do.  Look at the reasons you may be allowing this to happen.  What is your fear?  Or, if you don’t feel it is fear, why is it okay with you that someone or something else has power over you?

Sometimes it may seem okay to be “consumed” just so that you don’t have to make all the decisions in your life.  If you really think about it, that, too, is a decision you just made.

You are allowing your job to dictate your time and possibly even your body.  Do you sit for long, long hours at the computer / desk/ conference room meetings and such?  Lack of movement weakens the body. Remember that the body houses the brain which interprets the energy some call Spirit through the mind.  Having a healthy brain allows your Mind to communication and interpret the inspirations from Spirit more clearly; thereby allowing your life to be easier.  You don’t have to relinquish control to Earthly influences in order to feel at ease.  And… there’s the message.  Stay in touch with Spirit throughout your Earth-time and your decisions will lead you to the easy life you desire.

Give control over to a job, another person or any other Earthly influence and your experience on Earth is more theirs than yours. What do you want? What do you really, really want?  I’ll betcha that what you really, really want is an easy life.  That’s why it is imperative to clean up your thinking and feeling so that inspiration is easily received and you have the energy and courage to follow the inspiration.

Be yourself.  Be the person you know you are.  Be happy with what is and think only about what you are creating.  The point of creation of your easy life is now.

The importance of a PPD

PPD = Personal Prosperity Definition.  Before you begin creating a proserity consciousness to magnetize your prosperity to you, do you know what Prosperity means to you?

It’s kind of like this, you can start out to visit a friend you haven’t seen for a long time in one of two ways:

  • You can get in your car and begin driving – somewhere, anywhere, any direction.  You may end up at your friend’s but it will probably take a long time, numerous trials and errors, and you may never arrive.
  • Or, before you begin the journey, you define which friend you are going to visit, find out your friend’s address, look up a map and arrive there when you want to.  Even better, you know when you arrive that you have succeeded!  There you are and there is your friend.

That’s what a Personal Prosperity Definition does for you.  You find out what prosperity looks like for you and then you can determine an appropriate-for-you map to your success. 

How do you determine your Personal Prosperity Definition?  Naturally, there are as many ways to create your definition as there are people.

The one that I created for the Prosperity Process provides four categories: Health, Wealth, Business and Relationships.  The first thing we consider in creating your Personal Prosperity Definition is what you have developed into personal values.  From your values we look at core beliefs and finally begin to determine what prosperity means to you now.  Warning:  What prosperity means to you now could be very different than you think it will be!

Enjoy the process.  Subscribe to the Changing Times magazine and see how that helps in your prosperity!  Click here.

Russia? What’s up?

I actually opened the Prosperity Process back in 2000 to rave reviews.  I built a website and people from around the world began participating in the 40 day e-mail based Prosperity Process.  Then some Russian hacker decided that, for them, “prosperity” meant hacking the website and using the Prosperity Process email address to sell male enhancement products.

Now, I’m far from a prude, but that just wasn’t the image I wanted for The Prosperity Process.  We are a happy group creating great lives for ourselves.  And… yes… I’m sure whoever was doing the hacking thought they were doing just that by sending my database their product solicitations.  They were probably also thinking their products would make people happy.  But… come on!

I ended up shutting down the Prosperity Process website somewhere around 2003.  With the economic meltdown and what I feel I have observed about the mental attitude of the masses, I decided to reinstate The Prosperity Process and offer it differently.  Hence, this blog became the new website.

Already, most of the comments I’m receiving are coming from Russia!  I don’t read Russian but I bet I know the jist of the “comments”.  Hey! Persistence is definitely one of the larger keys to success.  I totally grant that.  However, this blog is meant to explore multiple ideas and how-to’s that create the lives we want to lead.  So, for the foreseeable future, all comments will be moderated.

To pass the moderation, your comment must be written in English and offer an insight or opinion on Prosperity, how to define it or achieve it.  All others will be deleted. 

Let the discussion begin!

Here we go!

Hi again!  It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything because I’ve been working on my own prosperity.

I admit it.  For a while I bought into the “down” economy.  Yes, I did.  If anyone tells you they have life all figured out, they probably do – for a little while at least.  Heavens, I remember really enjoying what seemed like auto-renewing money, a great primary relationship, and life perks upon life perks.  Who knew I would lose so much and give the rest away? It certainly never crossed my mind until I was in the middle of the spiral down, down, down…

So believe me, even the best of the planners, the thinkers, the meditators, the doers, the successful get stuck once in a while.  Boy, I sure did.  I caught the consciousness of ”lack”.  Another way of putting it is that I became VERY successful at failing!

Then… I chose to bounce.  Thank heavens (literally) I never hit what I would consider “bottom” although I wondered if there was a bottom!

It took total focus on coming back to the reality that is me… success unlimited.  Well, I’m not at success “unlimited” quite yet but I now know I finally back on the road and I’ll be blogging about the journey.  Join me!

The Prosperity Process – A new mindset of manifestation in 40 days

How important are your thoughts?  What to you have today – from your body through your possessions to your work to your relationships that did not begin with someone’s thought…  Yeah… pretty important stuff your thoughts!  The Prosperity Process helps you MANAGE (not control) your thoughts into a focus on living the life you love.  Yeah… pretty important stuff… and it only takes about 40 days.