40 Days to Your Sylph Self

This is the overview of Jean McClelland’s 40 day journey to our sylph selves!  The purpose of this course is to get more towards our optimal shapes and fitness.  Although for many of us, this also means shedding our extra pounds, we concentrate on feeling optimal, making excellent choices in nutrition, and moving our bodies along with setting up our optimal mindset to be the people we know we truly are – slender, graceful women, our sylph selves!

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You receive an email from me every day with a one of the 10 lessons.  10 not 40, you ask?  Yes.  We will be going through the same 10 lessons 4 times. Once in each of the following energies:
    • “I CAN” energy – this will open the possibility of your new mind set. This is also a clearing energy.  Be prepared for some shifts in energy.
    • “I WILL” energy – this energy begins the commitment to yourself to change your habits that are keeping your stuck with extra weight, inches, and less-than-optimal muscle tone.
    • “I KNOW” energy begins claiming your new mind-set.  You “know” – you have more knowledge than you use.
    • “I AM” energy is said to be the strongest statement – the strongest verbalization – on the planet.  We will completely claim our new optimal health mindset with the “I AM” energy round of the same 10 lessons.
  2. We start each lesson just before going to bed in the form of an affirmation to verbalize before we go to sleep.  I suggest you write the affirmation out in your own handwriting to bring it into your body. Carry your written affirmation with you the next day and each time you touch it / see it during the day, think about the meaning of the affirmation in your life.
  3. Each lesson will include not only the affirmation of the lesson, but also a suggested mind-set exercise, maybe a physical exercise, and what I call a “Pondering Word”.  The Pondering Word is one word to think about (to ponder) all day.  What does that word mean to you?  What other meanings could it have? How does this word support your quest?
  4. Each time you do anything with the process (read the email, ponder the daily word, do the exercise), open yourself to receiving the support of the group, AND send your appreciation to the group for the support you are receiving.  You may not feel the support immediately but, believe me, you will feel it – probably by the second round of lessons.
  5. During the course, I usually set up some conference calls and/or Skype calls that you are welcome to join.  If you prefer face-to-face, you will be welcome to attend these “meetings” at my home which is in Dallas, TX.

I thank you for your interest in joining me on this journey. Email me and I’ll let you know when the next Prosperity Process begins.

Please note that, as with most everything, you will get out of this as much as you put into it.  If you just read the affirmation and ponder the daily word, you will get a little something out of the process.  If you put your heart into it, participate with the group, and work with yourself to increase your love for yourself through this process, you will get a lot out of it.  We will discuss ways to interact as a community.  The community will happen automatically by thinking about each other, receiving and sending support as described in #4 above.